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Portfolio21 aims to contribute to sustainable developments by integrating non-financial criteria in the management of investment portfolios and by being transparent about this process.
The project is concerned with human rights in the work place and with severe environmental damages. It is norms oriented.

Human rights
The principle is straightforward: a specialized, independent researcher screens share and bond issuers included in investment portfolios on their respect for human rights in the workplace as laid down in the International Labour Organization core conventions.
Issuers that allegedly do not comply with these international labour standards are engaged in a dialogue process that has the objective to obtain information and to improve their practices with regard to basic workers’ rights. Results thereof have implications for portfolio management.

Portfolio21 does not invest in corporations that cause severe environmental damages while breaching norms. The investors rely on the recommendations by Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Pension Fund and the ensuing decisions by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.

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The project´s basic characteristics are clearly represented in a printable document.